by Lawrence Ohis

How to make $10000 monthly on

Oct 14, 2020
The internet has changed the way we work, earn, and even eat!

Freelancers and creators need not work 9 to 5 to earn a living and they are comfortable doing what they love and getting rich while at it.

Say you are a content creator and you have 200.000 followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, a lot of your fans will want to have access to you. You can have them connect with you for a small fee. You can charge $15 for your fans to be able to see your unique content and chat directly with you. Say you have 1000 of your fans paying to view you those content monthly, that will be 1000 x $15 = $15000 per month for your content. 

Click here to sign up and start earning.

We are going to see how easy it is to make $10000 or more monthly on

1. Sign up at
It’s very easy to sign up, you can use your social media account to sign and it takes less than two minutes. Make sure your username is unique and it a brand name, this will make your profile page address stand out.
sign up

2. Verify your account
Send a photo of your ID card and your account will get verified in less than 3 hours if all details are correct.

3. Update your profile
Go to your profile to add your avatar and cover image. This will help your branding. Use all your bio links and make sure your info Is correct.

4. Set the monthly subscription price and category
Setting the price will allow you to earn 80% of whatever you charge. Make sure your price is right. Adding your content category will help fans find you easily, remember to add them.
set price

5. Post unique content.
Start posting unique content such as videos, podcasts, photos, etc. Post enough content that will be of value to your audience.

6. Share your link on your social media websites.
Copy and share your page address to your fans and earn as a creator on

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