by Lawrence Ohis

How to earn from your fans on

Oct 12, 2020
So...... you have been posting valuable contents on social networks for free.

Good news!!!

You can earn with your content on

As a tutor, artist, writer, model you name it, you can monetize your audience and make good money monthly.

How do you earn on

Start by signing up here you will also be able to sign in with your other social media accounts.

To become a creator, fill the short form and upload an image of your ID card and send for verification. will review and approve your account in less than 6 hours.

When approved, go to 'edit my page' and set your monthly subscription price. You will earn 80% of whatever you make on

Remember to update your account with your correct name, and clearly write out what you do or offer.

When you are comfortable with your profile, copy and share your profile link to your fans and on all other social media.

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